Using Your Mind to Surf TV Channels

Every day it seems as though the human race is slowly getting lazier. A lot of that is down to technology making life easier for us as we are now used to things being done for us instead of us doing things. In this article I will

Muffler Man- Android Game By AAP

The Protagonist of the Game – Muffler Man(who almost looks like Mr. Arvind Kejriwal) is a faceless character who is trying to rise higher and higher by jumping over various platforms and avoiding the various pitfalls and enemies. These platforms and enemies are visual metaphors of various problems

How to Reduce Photo Size Online

Many of us want to reduce size of images stored in our computers either to save space or to post them online. Recently one of my friends faced difficulty in applying for Calcutta University because the photo and signature requirements are below 10 KB. In this article I am

EaseUS Todo Backup

The world’s best backup software is back better than ever. EaseUs Todo Backup Free 8.3 has helped more than 6 million users all over the world as a reputable system backup. If you have migrated to Windows 10 in particular, you can use it to clone disk

How To Get a Free Domain

A good website can cost you a lot of money. My own website- costs me 6K annually. But there are always workarounds which allow you to set up a blog with minimal or no costs at all. If you are already blogging and want to take