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India’s Growth in Digital World

India is growing well in today’s digital faceoff. We have already shared a detailed analysis of Digital India campaign running through country. Here we are with review of another such product/service that is going to be digitized very soon. We will be talking about birth certificate which

Easy guide to secure your website

Very recently my PC was hacked by some Indie Hackers who just played “Vandae Matram” on my system for 30 mins. That is when I realized that I need to beef up my security. Among installing a new antivirus, running a full Malware scan and setting up

Digital India: Impacts and Results

Digital India campaign by Indian government is supposed to start a new digital revolution that will help Indian citizens with fair use of digital devices like smartphones, computers. Here we will check some of the best things that Digital India will carry forward after accomplishing its dream.

Fixing common problems with PlayStation

Sony Play Station is a big name in Gaming industry. They are kind of ruling the industry since their first launch. Play Stations are nothing but a piece of electronic components clubbed together like any other electronic device (or other gaming devices like Xbox). Similar to any

Apps that must be there in an Android Phone

So you have just purchased a new Android smartphone. We understand your feeling of excitement when the new beauty gets in touch with you. The first and the foremost thing you will do after getting the new smartphone is that you will install the best apps available

YU Yureka Post Update Bug fix

After updating the Yu Yureka you may have faced many bugs such as Random Locks & App shut downs while using Battery backup of two hours and over heating under simple operations. This post will help you fix the bugs which were caused by Cyanogen OS 12.1