10 Best Online Storage Services

As the utilization of devices like cell phones and tablets increment on a regular basis, the requirement for distributed storage services has likewise been increasing real quickly. Cell phones with their little and smooth structure elements have restrictions on the inward stockpiling accessible on them. This has made distributed storage benefits a need even to the regular man. Competing with the enormous potential in online storage room, numerous distributed storage services are sans giving stockpiling to bait new clients. Continue reading

Do you know how to get rid of major cybercrime – cyberbullying?

Any act of blackmailing, harassment or torment via text messages, email, or social media is termed as cyberbullying. Different dimensions of cyberbullying may include spreading defaming rumors about the victim on social media such as Facebook and Google +, sharing compromising images of the kid being bullied, or sharing confidential information about the kid. Continue reading

The Ultimate Online Privacy Guide

Not everyone is knowledgeable when it comes to online safety, and that is totally ok. Being able to keep all your information private and fight off any type of malicious activity should be a priority for any new or old user. Today we will talk about ways to keep your information safe and how to block others from even attempting to invade your personal space. Continue reading

Chrome to Mobile- Send Current Webpage to Other Devices

Ever find yourself reading a page or looking at a map on your desktop and wanting a fast way to get that same page on your phone or tablet? Chrome to Mobile enables you to send a live URL from Chrome on your computer to Chrome on your phone or tablet. Optionally, you can choose to send a copy for offline viewing. Continue reading

Essential Studio Enterprise Edition – Community License (Worth $1,995) – for FREE

The Essential Studio Enterprise Edition Community License provides free access to their entire product offering for individual developers and small businesses. Get it for free today and No credit card required. Continue reading

How To Create Temporary Emails and Phone Numbers

There are several online services which we require just once but nevertheless they still require you to register. Those are the sites which later spam your inbox with unwanted deals. To combat against these sites there are many online portals which allow you to use a temporary email address/phone number so that you can avoid these cumbersome spam mails. Moakt is a temporary email/phone number service. Its really simple to create one  and Moakt mail takes privacy very serious and for  has applied a TLS encryption into its connection to ensure users privacy. Continue reading

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