Advanced System Optimizer 3.5.1000 Full version Free Download- Update

OK 😀 As we all know ( or you dont know) Advanced System optimizer is the best system utility for windows. some time back i had praised Tune up utilities a lot but now i take all that back. If you search Google for the best system optimizer you will get Advanced System Optimizer 2012 at the first search result 😀 This is not what i say though this is what the reviews and the benchmarks say, where tuneup utilities is nowhere near.

Note: Ashtricks does not supports software piracy. Piracy is like stealing a person’s hard earned money. I know that some software’s are ridiculously high priced and so I am giving full versions to those softwares. These full version softwares are only for those people who do not have enough money and cannot afford to spend more money on the software than spent on the hardware. If you really like the software then I would recommend you to buy it

Advanced System Optimizer has a long list of features and registry-repair tools to help improve your registry. This registry repair software offers extensive backup capabilities. It will automatically create a partial backup before making any change, so if a mistake happens within the registry, you can undo the change and restore your entire system to its previous state. Advanced System Optimizer also offers individual undo capabilities, which allows you to make specific changes within the registry.


It has a registry defrag tool that helps get rid of fragments in your registry to increase the speed and performance of your dear little computer. This application also features exporting and importing capabilities, which allows you to save information in your registry as a text file and import to or export it from the registry.

It offers an un delete tool using which you can successfully recover the by mistakenly deleted files in a jiffy.

A start up manager,Malware protection this and that and blah blah blah. the list is endless and i can write soo much 😀

So lets just get to the point.AdvancedSystemOptimizerPro3

🙂 Well as you can see my Patcher can do all these things

here’s a video for you guys to get guided Please share it as it is my first good looking video :p


The serial keys ull get in the patcher itself by entering 2. And one last thing to note. Please update the product after you have patched your system not before that !!! if you do so then tell me what happens. I would like to know what happens 😛

Download HERE

Update … The thingi Stopped working… So here’s the remedy

So all you need to do is after doing all that stuff in the video JUST download this file and copy/ paste and replace the file   in the installation directory of this software. And you get something really unexpected- So this this actually works OK  but keep in mind that this is the latest version of the software BUT BUT BUT—- it will still tell you to update but you shouldn’t cause that update is for the keys and if you do then you will have a non registered key OK.

NOTE: This final step must be done after doing all other steps in the first half and also that while you copy cut paste and replace the file you must see that Advanced System Optimizer is not working.

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