Optimize Ram- Increase Pc speed

I have already given lots of Pc optimization softwares, here at Ashtricks. Naming a few- Tune up utilities, Argenete Utilities And my favorite Advanced system optimizer. Well these utilities are important to keep your computer in shape, its like the computer is going to a Gym regularly. But suppose the computer is small ie- Dosent have enough resources from the inside(RAM). Then you seriously need to give it some power up. 

Note: Ashtricks does not supports software piracy. Piracy is like stealing a person’s hard earned money. I know that some software’s are ridiculously high priced and so I am giving full versions to those softwares. These full version softwares are only for those people who do not have enough money and cannot afford to spend more money on the software than spent on the hardware. If you really like the software then I would recommend you to buy it

So here you go. I bring you you the best software to actually optimize RAM. Even if you have 1 Gb ddr3 RAM you can use Every drop of juice until it actually runs out.

The softwares name is HARE( Ya thats Right as a Rabbit(Hare) Runs at blazing speeds when in trouble, AYour computer will also run in the same manner 😛

Its no good in graphical representation but……. Its performance is what matters. It has ultimate features to optimize Windows. Currently not compatible with the Windows 8 releases, So dont try it.Its winoptimize option optimizes windows to work with it.


well you see before i used this software i used to get Memory usage of 15-34% with all the background apps running in my computer, but after using this software i think that yes it actually does some work as now my CPU usage is from 3-15 %.

Hare always runs in your background. It defragmantes and washes your Random access Memory Automatically.It has many more functions like increase graphic card performance, then increase game performance and video performance. This increase in video performance will allow you to watch heavy movies without any glitch


It has many more features which are only available in the full version of the software. dont worry i wont let you go with the trials. I here by provide you with the full version of the software. I am also including the full version of the related software called Zoom. This software by its name Zooms your Pc shutdown and startup speeds.

The true intention of the software(HAre) is to allot Ram to programs when they need it and not when they want it. So like when you minimize word and open a Chrome Tab. MS Word isnt in use but it it still taking up Ram, This software just dosent let the theif take it away.

Next Featured function in this software is that the WASH button in Mem Doubler. If you are using the Pc for a long time and it has become Laggy. You can use this software to refresh the Ram as though you have just booted it( Warning- Use Automatic features at your Own risk it cause me a lot of troubles)

As for the keys and installing instruction, Its all there in the file you get to download.


A few Random Pics of the Software —







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