How to password protect Chrome

passwordWith the computer getting more and more vulnerable to hacks.. anyone can just hack into your PC and that too without a sweat. (Will be posting on it soon So subscribe to us to get the latest post) Once the hacker is in your computer is will not be a difficult job to exploit you. these are the reasons why you might be compromised.

1. Your chrome browser stores all the passwords.

2. It has all the auto fill data which might include credit card data.

3. All your passwords are also securely stored in lastpass or other chrome extensions like that.

And hence it is not safe to compromise your Chrome browser.


Now this trick is very easy a just a click away.

Download the following extension from here


type in “chrome://extensions/” in the address bar and then scroll down to the extention you just installed and then click on options.

Then this window should open.. just insert the required password and done 🙂
Password savedSo next time you open your chrome browser you cannot do anything with your chrome browser until you input your password.



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