Month: July 2014

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IFTTT: Put the internet to work for you

Using an IFTTT account you activate any of the 105 available channels—that’s up from 69 channels last year. Each has its own set of triggers (the “if this” part) or actions (the “then that” side). For example, if you make a status update on one service (a trigger), …

How to migrate from WordPress to Ghost: The easy way

Our blog: will be migrating to wordpress very soon. And it was this time when i found that there was no easy way to transfer from wordpress to Ghost. And hence i decided to make this post on doing the transfer without a hitch and for free.

BitTorrent for beginners

I was quite surprised when many of my friends didn’t know what a torrent site/download was. So this post is for all the nOObs out there who don’t know what a torrent is. BitTorrent is a protocol supporting the practice of peer-to-peer file sharing that is used to distribute large amounts of data over the Internet. …