Best Laptops for every budget

Laptops are great. In many cases laptops do better than most of the PC’s out there in a budget. But getting the laptop which gives you the bang for you buck with the required performance can be a real pain. Which is why i have decided to go through all the research work to get you the best laptops there are for every Price Bracket. 

Best Laptops Under 20K(Rs. 20,000)

These cannot be really categorized as laptops but as large phones as they can only run a select number of light softwares but not things like Photoshop or any other high graphic game out there. Many companies have started launching convertibles within this range that run android and windows and can be used as a tablet, however the best are listed here.



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AsusLowEnd2Buy it from: Flipkart

HP 15 G222Au

Buy it from: Amazon Shopclues 2015-06-14 23-26-02Buy it from: Amazon
Lenovo S20-30Buy it from: Amazon Snapdeal ShopClues  

Best Laptops Under 30K(Rs. 30,000)


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AsusMidRangeunder_30Buy it from: Flipkart


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Best Laptops Under 40K(Rs. 40,000)


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Compaq15-sBuy it from: PayTM Flipkart Amazon


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HPNotebookBuy it from: Flipkart Snapdeal Amazon 

Best Laptops Under 50K(Rs. 50,000)


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