India’s Growth in Digital World

India is growing well in today’s digital faceoff. We have already shared a detailed analysis of Digital India campaign running through country. Here we are with review of another such product/service that is going to be digitized very soon. We will be talking about birth certificate which is more important than any other document in India. Discussions are being made to port it to digital platform and efforts are already started in the right direction. Talking about present scenario then it has just started and concerned authorities have added step by step details about how to register birth certificate in India on online counters. You can check details from below reference:

Online Birth Certificate in India

Digital Birth Certificate: How soon will we achieve this dream and what will be its advantages

No timelines are set as of now but the pace with which authorities are working, it is evident that they are targeting coming 3-5 years to complete this big. Once this process is completed, we will see dedicated birth registration portals (as per various Indian states) with options for using various online services. Services will be like:

  • Applying online for birth certificate
  • Birth certificate forms
  • Checking birth certificate status
  • Making amendments in existing birth certificate
  • Downloading the birth certificate online

These are some of the standard prototype kind of thing that a state level birth registration portal must have as complimentary elements. They are free to add more functions other than what we have discussed above.

When and where to apply for birth certificate in India?

In India, you are not restricted to apply for birth certificates in terms of time i.e. you can apply anytime for it but it is suggested to get your details registered within21 days of the birth. If you apply within 21 days then all you will need to do is to fill simple registration form and submit it to concerned office. In case you apply after 21 days but before 30 days then you will have to pay small amount of late fee (will be really small ion range Rs.2-5). Everything is good if you apply within 1 month but in case if you skip this 30 days period and want to apply after that then along with late fee, you will have to take written permission from government gazette office or magistrate. It is a hassle process that will take more time than anticipated. So it is advised to apply within first 21 days of birth or within 1 month (30 days at least).

You can submit your details at your nearest Gram Panchayat Office (GPO) or Municipality office. Registration forms and other details are available there. You will get birth certificate within 7-10 working days of the registration.

Once the digital birth certificate process is completed, you will no longer need to visit concerned office anymore. You will be able to fill up registration form online and submit scanned copies of required documents from home itself. Stay tuned with us, we will keep you updated on the same.

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