Amazon S3 Introduction: Basics and Features

Amazon S3 stands for Simple Storage Service and as the name suggests it is online cloud storage medium from Amazon.  With Amazon S3 you can easily store and retrieve any kind of data anytime smoothly from the online data clouds. It comes with various features that make it one of the best cloud storage medium for all kind of data demands. It is growing day by day and with time it is getting famous among all data scientists. Here in this article we will look at some of the best features that Amazon S3 comes with and why it is getting this much attention from the users.

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What is Amazon S3

As already discussed above, S3 stands for Simple Storage Services and it a cloud storage model from Amazon which can store any sort of data with fast retrieved rates (slow also, depending upon the plan). S3 customers can use this platform as a bulk data repository that can be used for data storage/retrieval, backup-recovery, server less computing, analytics and a retrieval medium. Once you store/uploads your data on S3 clouds, you are automatically getting a repository that is safer and faster than most of the other competitors and provides much faster data retrieval as per the plans.

Amazon S3 Features

Amazon S3 offers ample amount of features that makes it an award winning data storage medium. Below are some of its features.

Simple and Durable

S3 comes with a very user friendly interface that can be very well operated by not technical users even. Simple login to your account and dump the data there in various S3 buckets provided to you after the installation. It is as simple as drag and drop feature. Data stored on S3 is very durable and is designed with the aim to have approx. 99.9999% durability in terms of durable infrastructure.

Various Plans and Pricing

Amazon S3 comes with different plans and pricing which makes it a wonderful platform for all kind of publishers.


Scalability is another thing that makes S3 very futuristic. If you have just started something and not sure about how the things will turn in future then you don’t need to buy heavy space or anything like. Just start with the best plan as per your need and scale up the level (in terms of storage) when needed.

Secure and high up time

S3 transfers the data over SSL framework and encrypts it as soon as you upload. You can manage all permissions on your bucket (with custom permissions assigned to group or individual users). It provides around 99.9% up time that is ideal and a must have feature for all business users out there.

These are some of the features that makes S3 a popular and reliable online cloud storage platform. Do let us know your views as comment below.


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