Can Android take over Linux as an Embedded OS

Android and Linux are two powerful Operating Systems that are used in most of the machines today (especially embedded systems). If we leave the smartphones behind than Linux is widely used OS that is currently getting used with embedded systems like smart TVs, gaming consoles, monitors, ECG machines (few other medical devices as well), TV set top boxes etc. Android comes with flexibility and options that could replace Linux in coming couple of years (we know it is very hard but still it may impact the current market scenario). Talking about use of Android OS in smartphones, then it is an open source code that allows manufacturers to save big in terms of capital by adopting it. Amount of money that is saved by adopting Android as OS, can then be utilized for strengthening some other cabinet of the smartphone. It might be the reason why most of the low price smartphones (like Reliance Jio Lyfe Easy: World’s cheapest 4G smartphone) comes with Android as base OS. Legend mobile manufacturer Nokia too is planning to alunch its first Android based smartphone Nokia Edge 2017 Phone next year.

What to choose as an Embedded OS: Android or Linux

Selection between two will purely depend on the kind of use that one want to have. If you are looking for better UI, with better wireless connectivity then you might consider Android over Linux. However it would not be easy for the companies to replace Linux with any other OS (until and unless Linux starts producing performance issues with embedded machines that can’t be ignored) as it will require a complete new skill set and labor. If you ask any Linux expert then you will hear answers like “Android is just an interface that is built over the layer of Linux”, Linux can do everything that Android can do and the story goes on. Well it is absolutely correct. Android is just an extended layer built over the Linux platform. BUT- Thing that can differentiate Linux and Android here will be the time that is required for doing same task over both the environments. As compared to Android, Linux comes with bit difficult flow that might be hard to understand for a newbie. However once understood, it allows one to produce better and efficient results that an Android machine would ever be able to have.

It is really hard to find if Android can replace Linux for embedded systems or not. Both are good at respective places. Please let us know your thoughts on same.

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