10 Best Efficient Android Apps Required By Students

The life of a student can be both fun and serious at the same time. In this world of technology where almost everything has been made easier because of that, students are employing smartphone apps to boost their productivity. Or we can say, they are doing the smart work by using such apps on their smartphones to cut short on their serious time and have as much fun they can have. Here is the list of 10 Best Efficient Android Apps Required by Students, both to increase their productivity and keep them focussed. Let’s get started.

The list of apps mentioned here are provided in no particular order, all of them are equally useful.


Flashcards App

The app does what its name suggests. Back in the time when we used to memorise something we made flashcards, remember? The app does the same but in an intuitive way. The free version of the app lets you give the ability to save 50+ flashcards. If you want to add more, you can pay and download the premium version of the app which comes at $2.49

Download Flashcards App


LectureNotes is another intuitive app that lets students use the interface so that they can draw on it. They can make use LectureRecordings and LectureVideos plugins to both record voice and shoot videos of their lectures with the app. You also get Evernote, Onenote and PDF support built in. The app gives you the basic features for free, but you can always go for the paid version for $3.49. You can also download Kahoot App which is developed for students to know the psychology of students.

Download LectureNotes


RealCalc is a calculator app, but it is not just a simple calculator with which we used to add, subtract or multiply. You get a standalone scientific calculator, with support for DEG, RAD and Grad. The display of the calculator supports up to 12 digits, and 32-digits in extended mode for precision. The paid version though offers you to use full functionality of this calculator, but you can try the free version before paying $3.49

Download Realcalc


SoloLearn is for those who are into software development, and there are a tonne of college apps available for such students out there on the Google Play Store. The app lets you variety of software languages like C++, Java and even stuff like Python, SQL, PHP and many other. On top of everything, the app is available for free.

Download SoloLearn


This has been seen and felt by many students that it is very hard to be focussed while studying. With all the fuss going on around the social media in today’s time it has become too hard to keep track of your attention. SelfControl lets you avoid such distractions. It blocks certain websites to be accessed via your phone. The block time can be set according to your need.

Download SelfControl


Google Drive

Being a student means that you are always docked up with loads of assignments to finish, and keeping track of all is difficult. Google Drive suite can help you store, save and share your word, power point and even excel sheet documents. On top of everything, it adds up as a decent cloud storage so that you can save more files on it. The free account gives you 15 GB of cloud storage.


Download Google Drive


Though most of the video of TED are available on YouTube, still there are several that are not. TED gives you the platform where you can access all the TED videos, both from the past and the new ones that are being posted. TED, for students, is a place where they can find motivation, business discussions, stuff shared by computer geniuses, music legends and even doctors.

Download TED


Students are often assigned to write essays, and for that, they have to provide the correct bibliography, which is somewhat hard to maintain. EasyBib lets you copy paste the citations of the particular book that you want and help you create a perfect bibliography for your essays. There are tons of books for which citations can be looked for.

Download Easybib


Math problems is a pain in the head for students, and it has been seen that math can give severe headaches too. Jokes apart, Mathway is an app that lets you polish your mathematics skills. The app sports a search feature with which you can look up for algebra, geometry and other math solutions and will present you a step-by-step guide.

Download Mathway


Last but not the least, Scribd, as we all know, is an online library featuring several projects and assignments that are posted by other students and teachers. There are several books that are available for reading also. Scribd also allows you to make your library either by uploading your documents or you can add already available documents to your list.

Download Scribd



These are the 10 Best Efficient Android Apps Required by Students that every student must give a try. We’ve mentioned only one cloud storage and calculators app in our list. There are many more available on the market, as per our point of view the above-mentioned apps will solve the purpose. Let us know, what all apps you use as a student to increase your productivity.


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