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How To Save All YouTube Videos To Google Drive

Having backups is very important. Specially having backups of your online life. For backing up your local/offline files head over to: Backup your PC to be on the safe side. In this article we shall go through these simple steps to backing up all your YouTube videos

Fantastic Websites to help pass time

#TimePassWebsites are the most searched websites on the internet. Most of us use the world wide web for the prime purpose of passing time. Be is Facebook, Instagram, snapchat or YouTube. All of these websites are made for passing the time. These are some of the best

Get Facebook Chat Heads in Google Chrome

Facebook Messenger is an application that shows us chat heads if a person has messaged us. Facebook’s Chat Heads let you read and reply to messages when using its mobile app without leaving your news feed or whatever it is you happen to be doing in Facebook

Dungeon Nightmare: A Truly Terrifying Experience

Dungeon Nightmare is a survival horror game based on the Unity engine. This engine has proven itself to be a very versatile piece of software. The Unity engine could almost be called the little engine that could, almost. However, this review is not about the Unity engine,