Verify Your Paypal Account Within 6 Mins

Ok So when i said verify paypal account within 6 minutes i said YES Within 6 Mins- Time me if you want to!!

So let me first bore you with my story..

I had a bank account which was not connected to a paypal account somewhat back in December. So i decided to make a paypal account which i couldn’t verify. Now thats really not my problem cause not all indian banks show the amount of INR 0.3 and all that in your passbook. But until yesterday(When i really needed paypal) i did not know any other way to activate my account. But now i know so i share it to you guys…

So firstly go and login to your Paypal accout paypal

Then you may have the sin telling that you are not verified at the rith of your screen.. but not for long.

So for this trick to work we need certain things

1. A credit card or a debit card

2. A mobile which is connected to your Account(Meaning any transactions made are notified to you through the mobile phone)

3. A brain that works in nice conditions 😛

So lets start.. NOTE: This tutorial i gave to is based on INR and not USD or any other currency notes.

1. Go to your paypal account and click on profile>Add/Edit credit card


ok so here you can add not only credit card but also debit cards of any sort but there will always be one difference

A) If debit card you will not be able to add any funds. The money will automatically be deducted from your debit card,

B) If you register a credit card you can add funds to your Paypal account directly.

Sooo.. getting back

For this trick i used ICICI debit card though you may use any other card. it really dosent matter(I registered my Federal bank account in paypal and an ICICI debit card :P)+This acrd is not mine just a replicate OK


Now go to add credit cards and select the type of your card…..Indians mostly have mastercard or Visa


Fill in the details and wait for 20 seconds.. Ull get a message telling that you have added your credit/debit card to your paypal account on your email and and a mobile message telling

“Dear Customer you have made a debit card purchase of INR 1.03 as of 19th of August. Info:Vin*PAYPAL”

So your bank has accepted your request for paypal but still paypal hasnt verified you right ??

Refresh the page now login again and then just click on buttons which show up telling you to verify your account(your debit card or credit card)

Now this is just a click process after which they will charge you INR 113.02 and give you a code in your mobile like this

“Dear Customer you have made a debit card purchase of INR 113.02 as of 19th of August. Info:Vin*pp*Code*

CODE: this is the code which is required to actually activate your Paypal account and your debit card

AND THATS IT 6 Mins Huh dont know who much it’l take for you.. SO


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  1. Cool Trick MAN Thanks
    My account was not activated for 4 months Cause this SBI Bank didnt detect anything !!!!
    Thanks to you I have it Now !!!

  2. It works fine

  3. Is there any specific ICICI card that works or just any VISA card from that bank? I mean like Silver card, Gold card, Platinum card etc. Can people people tell which card worked for them? Sukriya.

  4. hi,
    can you please help me?? i cant add my federal bank account with paypal. :(

  5. Bàbel?c?øus Prî???zžx

    March 2, 2013 — 8:59 am

    didn't worked for me.

    • What card did u use ?? And is it connected to your Cell phone no for sending verification SMS ??

    • Bàbel?c?øus Prî???zžx

      March 6, 2013 — 9:58 am

      Ashish Cherian : I used ICICI GOLD SHOPPER DEBIT DEBIT CARD and yes my cell is verified for sending sms. what should I do now ?

    • Bàbel?c?øus Prî???zžx Thats not good
      did u get any notice for purchasing of Rs. 1.03 or anything like that
      if not then u have not configured the Card in the site nicely !!

  6. Yes I confirm that this works! I opened up savings account in ICICI bank recently just for Paypal and as soon as I got my ICICI Smart Shopper Silver International Visa Platinum Debit card (NEWLY) I activated on Paypal within five minutes. The process is exactly as you mention above on your post. I am now waiting for PAN verification process from their side.

  7. please help.. any possible on icici semi-urban account smart shopper silver debit card for paypal?? but semi-urban opening account is only 5000 not 10000

  8. Thanks for sharing. This is a great way to have a PayPal account verified and within a few minutes. All one needs is a credit card from a bank and everything is done. Bravo.

  9. hey, how can I use a mobile number to verify my account if I am outside USA?

  10. i gave my icici debit card details and got a message you made a debit card purchase of rs63.96 info:vin*paypal,is that money charged by the bank for linking with paypal?

  11. Actually I have linked my icici debit card with paypal before but now i got a new card . whenever i try to link my new card . its giving me an error message saying the bank had not allow this transaction . am i missing out on something here?

    • THis happenes if the card has been stopped or deactivated
      try to get in touch with your bank
      it happened with my hdfc debit card and
      turns out it was because my mobile number/Email address was not verified till now due to which the card was in an inactive state

  12. I Have ICICI debit card VISA Platinum…when i add my paypal account it shows a error message like this.The bank that issued your card didn’t approve this transaction..The received section is verified..

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