Windows 8 Pro Activator 2013

After my exams i installed a new version of windows 8 Pro and installed all updates and everything !! But you see after installing all my software’s and all other things the biggest obstacle between a smooth working Os and me was the Windows Activation message. And after a lot of searching i got a tool that actually works !!

[alert-announce]Note: Ashtricks does not supports software piracy. Piracy is like stealing a person’s hard earned money. I know that some software’s are ridiculously high priced and so I am giving full versions to those software’s These full version software’s are only for those people who do not have enough money and cannot afford to spend more money on the software than spent on the hardware. If you really like the software then I would recommend you to buy it[/alert-announce]

[alert-announce] New Update……. See down [/alert-announce]

This software is really very very easy to use So lets view the steps.


1. Press Windows key+ r – A windows like this will open and there type cmd 



After that in the command windows enter-  sfc /scannow
This is more like a security measure that ensures that all Windows 8 files are genuine and not corrupted.

[alert-success] If it is a fresh Windows Install and you haven’t done anything to it till now you dont need to do the above step[/alert-success]

Next Download the File(Link given below)
Then double click it and run as Administrator 

This will restart your computer and then poof.. your Windows 8 pro is activated on you next restart!!

My Windows 8 Pro Fully Activated

My Windows 8 Pro Fully Activated

Also See the video

[alert-warning] Update [/alert-warning]

After a few updates the product key gives away.. this is bad. I tried this software many time but it did not work.. and so i decided to make mine own that actually works. 


1. Download the file (Link Given Below)

2. Extract it to your Desktop

3. If you have tried other activation software before then running the uninstall file is a must !!! (With administrative rights)

4. If not then just run the Install file with administrative rights

5. Nothing else… enjoy your Activated version of windows… :)

New Video

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  1. hi! you are great thanks soooo much! its worked like a charm! Hatz off to you!

  2. Hey, when i push the dl button the site just refresh and nothing happens..

  3. Thanks! my window’s activated without any trouble!

    I usually don’t trust third party software when it comes to any sort of amendment of registry settings of my OS because of obvious reasons.
    So, i tested your codes by personally going through them before running the process. And it didn’t surprise me that your codes were clean! :)

    Great work! Appreciated mate!

  4. Link dead …….. showing file removed !!!! please update new link please

  5. HEYY!!

    One thing.. really IMPORTANT!

    Does signing into microsoft account will DETECT the activation process done by this activator??
    Signing into microsoft account is actually necessary for downloading apps from windows app store!

    Waiting for the response!


  6. Link down again… :(
    Any mirrors? Tks.

  7. what is the link please????????

  8. Ashish, after done that, I can’t access to PC settings still.

    • Have you tried my update ??
      ps. i will be releasing a new update with 10 days… stay tuned for that
      Subscribe to my site

      • Hi. Yes, I done the updates. The Windows is working normally now. Just something to add on, how long will it last? I mean when the next updates came in and it updated, will it goes back to be what it was, non-activated again?

        • Dont update !!!
          I repeat dont update !!!

          • You mean I can’t update those Windows app? It actually automatically updated so there are times I don’t know they did. I have done your Windows 8 pro activator. Now it’s working normally as I said.

          • Off course not !!
            U cant update hacktivated windows apps
            Suppose you steal an iphone from a store…
            U cant go to the iphone store and ask for it free repair(Under warranty) if its broken

  9. Hey bro,

    It showed “done successfully”.
    But in properties it shows the same message ” windows is not activated”
    Plz help bro…
    also it remove watermark and all ..

  10. hi ashish, did exactly as you told, watermark has now gone but windows is still not activated.
    after running install.cmd I noticed that very first step of writing product key as shown in your video was absent, please help

  11. First. Sorry for my english ..
    Well i donw whatever you say in your video and now my pc says tham my windows are axtivated .. but i think that tha activation isn’t completed because in my desks it stills says windows 8 Pro Built 9200

  12. First Sorry for my English.
    Well i done whatever you said in your video,
    when i RR my pc it said that my windows 8 was activated but that anooying message at the right said of my pc is still there .. :/ are everything ok or i have to do it again ??

  13. Omer Faruk Deniz

    July 22, 2013 — 3:20 am

    I did all of your advices about activate windows.At the end of activating windows CMD said windows activated successfully.And computer restarted.I wrote my password and screen become black.And I didnt see anything.Please help me.

  14. Dear Ashish,
    I proud of you in the sense you’re from India who finally found some working trick for activation Windows8. I’ve tried many but all were spams. Spent hours to figure out how to fix activation. I came here without any expectations and thought it will be another one like i experienced last time. But IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM!!
    But, I’ve downloaded all windows updates, after that PC can’t bootup from login screen. I appreciate if you can fix it.
    Thanks again!

  15. hey ! i had earlier tried another software but it didn’t work. According to your instructions i am supposed to uninstall it but i can’t see the software in add or remove program or anywhere. Help plzzz..

  16. hi there, so i was just working on my laptop yesterday and today when opened my laptop, it took unusual time for preparing windows for sign in. and when i signed in i was stunned to see all the files on my desktop GONE!! all my documents saved in the fie manager were vanished and all i was left with a recycle bin on my desktop and 3-4 tiles in Start :( maybe it was due to the updates which i accidently left on.
    mine is win 8 pro build 9200

    please help me out
    thanks in advance

  17. bro i want to activate my windows 8 pro media center how do i make it…

  18. bro thx for ur grt work… can v update this activated windows as well…

  19. can u provide me the link for download…pls…


  21. how to download the cutecat
    as it starts downloading and installing and i dont know where is it and what to do with it????

  22. what link is it?

  23. i cant download d file..becoz my college block the link tht u have mentioned…
    is there anyother way to get the file..?

  24. Thank U soo much! my windows is genuine now!

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