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Making and maintaining a blog like AshTricks is a herculean task at best, we’re always looking for collaborators and people willing to submit informative, useful and relevant articles on any tech topic under the sun!

All submissions are properly credited, and we’re also willing to do exchange posts, and cross publicize with other tech blogs. You don’t need prior experience, we judge articles on content, and if you meet our standards, guest-writing is only the beginning!

Interested? Fire off an email to:


Rules and regulations:

Keep in mind that open submissions != any damn thing, we have standards guys.. 😉

1. The topic for the article should be in related to Ashtricks’s normal content (software, and the odd hardware article this isn’t Guru3d :p)

2. No plagiarism please, we hate DMCA takedowns as much as the next guy, and we WILL check :/

3. Both the articles and included links should never contain adverts or be hidden behind pay-walls, surveys or other bullshit, AshTricks is committed to providing an ad-free and convenient experience!

4. High quality images are preferred, but consider this more of a guideline than a strict rule!

5. Well there is no 5th rule, but 5 rules look good so i just added it 😛


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